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Faculty/Humphries, Stephen.jpg

Stephen Humphries

Professor - Associate Chair
Permanent Faculty

Office: 284 TMCB

Office Hours: N/A

Class Schedule: No Classes Spring/Summer 2023

Research Interests: Algebraic Combinatorics, Group Theory, Low-dimensional Topology

Degrees: University of Wales, BS in Pure and Applied Mathematics (1974), MS in Pure Mathematics (1978), PhD in Mathematics (1983)


  1. Intersection Theories and Chebyshev polynomials III., Journal of Algebra and its Applications, 8 (2009), 53-81.
  2. Counting powers of words in monoids, European Journal of Combinatorics, 30 (2009), 1297-1308.
  3. Fusions of character tables II: p-groups, Communications in Algebra, 27 (2009), 4296 - 4315.
  4. Subgroups of free groups generated by conjugates of powers of the generators, Journal of Group theory, 12 (2009), 465-485.
  5. A note on “conjugacy classes outside a normal subgroup”, Communications in Algebra, 37 (2010), 3306-3308.
  6. Fusions of character tables III: fusions of cyclic groups and a generalisation of a condition of Camina, Israel Math Journal, 178 (2010), 325-348.