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Amanda Francis

Tuesday, December 10
4:00 PM
135 TMCB

Title: New Computational Techniques in FJRW Theory with Applications to Landau Ginzburg Mirror Symmetry

Abstract: Mirror symmetry is a phenomenon from physics that has inspired a lot of interesting mathematics. In the Landau-Ginzburg setting, we have two constructions, the A and B models which are created based on a choice of affine singularity with a group of symmetries. Both models are vector spaces equipped with multiplication and a pairing (making them Frobenius Algebras), and they are also Frobenius manifolds.

The structure of the A-model is determined by certain numbers, called correlators. In many cases, it is not known how to compute these. In this talk we discuss new computational methods for finding correlators, and using them to determine the A-model structure.