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Colloquium – Eric Culver (University of Colorado, Denver)

Thursday, February 17
4:00 PM
203 TMCB

Title: Computational Methods Applied to Graph Coloring Problems

Abstract: The discharging method is a common technique applied to coloring problems on planar graphs. We discuss the main ideas of the discharging method and apply it to the square choosability number of planar graphs. A generalization of the usual vertex coloring, the square choosability number is the least size of lists of colors needed to be assigned to the vertices of a graph so that, no matter what colors are in the lists, every vertex can be colored with a color from its list and every two vertices at distance at most two from each other receive different colors. A key component of our approach is the use of computers to handle the complexity of parts of the proof.

Date: Thursday, February 17 2022

Time: 4:00 PM

Room: 203 TMCB