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Focus on Math: Dr. Martin Hyatt

Tuesday, March 18
4:00 PM
275 TMCB

Taming Creativity

Creativity is not only powerful, it produces a sense of awe and wonder. While it is powerful, it is also hard to control. What if it could be tamed and harnessed so it could be applied in an available, consistent, and systematic way?

Problems of the past that required a great deal of creativity are now solved routinely. These are in fields where a formalism has been developed. For example, many fields take shape by putting the principles into mathematical form. These formal methods can then be taught and applied in repeatable ways.

Perhaps creativity would be more available and accessible if there was such a formalism. This talk will discuss the nature of creativity. From there it will show how formalisms come into being and what approach might be relevant to creativity to serve as a basis for understanding and applying it. It will then trace how a formalism can be developed that spans various approaches of creativity that exist today.

Martin Hyatt is a researcher in the field of creativity. He has developed a unified approach to creative methodology, and is now developing tools for computational invention. He is an alumni of the BYU Mathematics department and later graduated with a PhD at the top of Engineering-Economics department from Stanford University. He earned three masters from Stanford and USC. He currently leads the algorithm development for a government R&D cell which leverages large research programs such as DARPA. He is also began a BYU initiative in creativity.