Mathematics Department
Mathematics Department

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Jacobson, Kathrine

Projects Manager

Office: 281 TMCB
Phone Number: 801-422-8959
Fax Number: 801-422-0504

Department Responsibilities:

1. Direct and manage department student teams

  •   Front Office – Tests, Independent Study, Y-Time, and managing the front office
  •   Undergraduate Assistant – Student Advisement, M3 newsletter, Ugrad activities
  •   Marketing Coordinator – Department flyers, brochures, alumni newsletters, Facebook, Clubs, Competitions, Webpage articles
  •   Events Coordinator – Major department events (High School Banquet, Undergraduate Banquets, Pi Day, etc)
  •   Events Assistant – Weekly department events (Colloquium, Focus, Seminars, Soda Social, etc)
  •   Projects Coordinator – Department projects ( blog, poster request, t-shirt requests, national mailers, assistant to the Operations Director)
  •   Web Developer/Graphic Designer – Manage department webpages and creates marketing designs for department

2. Indirectly manage other department student teams

  •   Travel Specialist– Coordinates all travel for visitors, guests, faculty & staff
  •   Accountant – Assists Business Manager in handling department finances
  •   CSRs – Assists System Administrator in handling all department computing needs
  •   Program Coordinator – Handles ACME Program

3. Direct all Human Resources for student staff (hiring, firing, training, evaluations, etc)

4. Manage department budgets for events and projects