Fall 2013 Alumni Newsletter


4th Annual Alumni Tailgate Party

On October 10th, as part of the homecoming festivities, the Department of Mathematics alumni gathered together once again for some good food and conversation.  This year we met at the Wall, a restaurant in the Wilkinson Center, and added a game to get the conversations flowing between fellow classmates.  There was a flurry of activity as individuals went from table to table to find out who graduated in the 80’s, spoke another language or did not live in Utah county.  

It is exciting to see families build traditions around BYU and the math department.  One family promised that no matter where they end up living, they plan on returning to attend the tailgate party each year.  Many other alumni shared their joy over the fact they had kids and grandkids attending BYU.  One alumnus brought five of her children, four of which are current BYU students.  Another alumnus has four grandchildren currently attending BYU.  The tradition of excellence continues.  

Thank you to all who came and shared part of the Saturday with us.  We look forward to seeing familiar faces next year and hopefully many new faces as well.

Attending Alumni

Joseph Adams

Jared MacBride

Jennifer Bellows

Robert Franckowiak

Ron King

Todd Fisher

Nancy Hinton

Darrell Johnson

Tyson Willis

Aminda Gonzales

Ann MorrellWendi Karbakhsh

Cynthia Riley

Carol Reynolds

John Payne

Melany Whitehead

Michael Hansen

Johnathan Lawton

Paul Jenkins


Robert Luke Jr. works as a senior e-commerce support specialist at WESCO distribution and loves that he gets to use the problem-solving skills he learned as a math major at BYU to find resolutions to challenging issues at work on a daily basis.
“Sure, I am not doing epsilon-delta proofs every day, but that kind of thinking is what helps me resolve issues all the time,” Robert said.
Robert graduated from BYU in 2013 with a bachelors in Mathematics with an emphasis in cryptography and is now enrolled in the MBA program at Duquesne University. He was recently given the Byrne Award for responsible leadership. He has big plans for the future and once he finishes graduate school he hopes to continue working for WESCO at a higher level and get involved with the video game industry.
Robert’s hobbies include snowboarding, soccer, and playing video games. In fact, he loves games like Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls so much he once took a part-time job at GameStop just for fun.
Robert currently resides in Pittsburg Pennsylvania with his growing family.

ErikaLittlewoodErika Littlewood graduated from Brigham Young University in 2006 with a BS in Mathematics.  She moved to Houston, TX right after graduation and began working as an actuarial analyst for Mercer in the retirement consulting department.  Her time spent there focused on advising various companies on their retirement plans and ensuring they conformed with the changing legislation around retirement plan funding.  In 2012, she began working at Towers Watson, another retirement consulting firm, and expanded her role to include project management in addition to client consulting.  After 8 years in the consulting field, she decided to see what life was like on the corporate side and accepted an offer to work as a compensation analyst for Apache Corporation, an oil and gas company based in Houston, TX.  She begins that job mid-August.


Outside of work, Erika enjoys athletics and outdoor activities.  She has competed in triathlons and adventure races and plays in a flag football league.  She recently had to take a break from football as she and her husband are expecting their first child in January.

Scholarship Opportunities


The BYU Math Department has a strong belief in providing students with the resources they need in order to have a successful education. For many students, however, a major barrier to success is a lack of personal funds. For this reason, a scholarship program has been set up to assist some of the math majors through school. The funds for these scholarships come from various donors (see Generous Donors, page 1) to whom the department owes much thanks.

Every year, three four-year tuition scholarships are offered to incoming BYU freshmen. The awards are titled after their primary donors: The Donald and Helen Robinson Scholarship, Marcellus and Shirley Burton Scholarship, Harvey Fletcher Sr. Scholarship, and the Orson Pratt Scholarship. In order for a student to qualify for one of these prestigious awards, they must show exceptional mathematical ability.

Recipients of any of the four scholarships meet the following criteria:

They have done well enough on the American Math Competition (AMC) exams that they qualify for the AIME (American Invitational Math Exam)

Preferably they have also qualified for the USAMO (United States of America Math Olympiad)

Success on the American Regions Mathematics League competitions is also helpful


If you are aware of any incoming BYU freshmen who meet the above criteria and would like to apply, please contact the Math Department at (801) 422-2061, or by emailing office@math.byu.edu.





If you would like to donate to the scholarship program please go to the Donate tab. All donations will support the BYU Math Department and its students. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of our department’s continued growth & success.



Department Contact Information

Department of Mathematics

275 Talmage Math Computer Building(TMCB)

M-F 8-5, Closed Tuesdays 11-12 for University Devotionals/Forums

Phone: 801-422-2061



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